[HELP] Why my map compiling lasts so long?

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[HELP] Why my map compiling lasts so long?

Post  Momar on Sun Mar 20 2011, 21:40

FSRad finished 100%, and almost takes 25 minutes..
then after that 100%
it just continued iterations
look at this image:
FRSRad Iteration almost 1 hr + mins
FRSRad Iteration almost 2 hours

this is the map I mapping.. cs_assaultV3

look... this is the map I already release... the cs_assaultV1
cs_assaultV1 released
on that map, there is no lightmap, but checking or uncheck lightmap at gunz option is still the same, because I change my cs_assault.LM, I used the town.LM (renamed to cs_assault.LM)

could you help me?
last time, my cs_assaultV1, I build it lightmap
then... I just wait.. it was 3 AM, and I went to bed to sleep.. and I woke up 11 AM
after that, I saw the FSRad, the percents (100%) is almost done, but iteration is still processing..



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Re: [HELP] Why my map compiling lasts so long?

Post  pluke001 on Mon Mar 21 2011, 18:54

Build in "fast light" mode instead of light mode.

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