[MAP] Professional-Duel v3.0 (Final)

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[MAP] Professional-Duel v3.0 (Final)

Post  pluke001 on Wed May 18 2011, 22:35

Nothing much to tell there. Its 3rd version of my made map "Professional'Duel". I have imroved some textures, lighting and added stairs because while playing it on servers I noticed that it was hard for many players to get up and players dont realy use all space of map. Stairs should bring more tactic and advanced fighting in DM and TDM modes.

P.S. Funny thing is that if I add 2-3 more brushes to this map, FSRad.exe automaticaly crashes while trying to launch lol. And I still wanted to add some more stuff Sad


  • Perfect lighting with no bugs (no black spots)
  • Walking (feet) sounds added.
  • Code:

    Total Brushes:        694
    Total Entities:        209
    Global:                001
    Info_Player_DM:        002
    Info_Player_TDM_00:    010
    Info_Player_TDM_01:    010
    Light:                184
  • Map BANNER included.
  • Map size: 1,51 MB (1.589.248 bytes).


  • Me (pluke): for making this map.
  • Legion for making us able to make custom maps for gunz.



  • MegaUpload Mirror
  • MediaFire Mirror


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