[MAP] Atack-Defense v5.0

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[MAP] Atack-Defense v5.0

Post  pluke001 on Wed May 18 2011, 23:04

Well this map isn't amazing or anything. Simple structure, simple light placement. Just two bases, and track to both sides. defending structure I keept same as mansion type (base ends at same place were 2nd floor ends). Well this is more for those Atack and defense fanatics who get bored of mansion map. I used original maiet maps textures and also made this map VERY firendly for archtype too because some players complain about custom maps that those maps cant be played with archtype mode. Map has some tunels in both bases, diffrent type of bases so it might be fun playing (well at least for me previous versions were fun playing with other players)
I didnt realy released older versions anywere since map still was in big changes and progresing a lot step by step. I tryed to balance every place of both bases as much as posible so there shouldnt be any camping places inside of base wich couldnt be broken Razz

Anyways, anybody who likes please try this map and if you find something bothering or unfair, post suggestion in this topic.


  • Perfect lighting with no bugs (no black spots)
  • Walking (feet) sounds added.
  • Code:

    Total Brushes:        416
    Total Entities:        389
    Global:                001
    Info_Player_DM:        016
    Info_Player_TDM_00:    008
    Info_Player_TDM_01:    008
    Light:                355
  • Map BANNER included.
  • Map size: 856 KB (876.544 bytes).


  • Me (pluke): for making this map.
  • Legion for making us able to make custom maps for gunz.



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  • MediaFire Mirror


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