[HELP] How do i add .elu file in my map?

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[HELP] How do i add .elu file in my map?

Post  ThinhQuach on Tue Aug 16 2011, 00:45

How to put elu file in map cyclops . Like make some statues from Gunz clothes like someone did. I would love you if you helped me out.


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Re: [HELP] How do i add .elu file in my map?

Post  pluke001 on Tue Aug 16 2011, 12:18

Well you add elu files like sky.

You add needed files to your decompiled map folder



Then you edit your map xml file by adding under MATERIALLIST this:

        <OBJECT name="sky.elu">

After you done, compile map and play.

As for clothes adding, you should learn making and edditing elu files (there are some tutorials in ragezone gunz section). You mae your own elu file (clohes, humar or sword for example) export it as elu file and add as sky or any other elu file.

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