BigBen Map (v2.02)

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BigBen Map (v2.02)

Post  pluke001 on Tue Nov 09 2010, 16:34

MigBen Map

As title says, I am releasing BigBen map made by me Razz.
Well this map is similiar to town map from Gunz The Duel, but this map has diffrent (nicer) texturing, diffrent structure. It was built to be used in DM and in TDM. I made many open and closed place from proper fighting. There are enough places to hide, also I have implanted some strategic places Smile. This map has professional made car models, some details from town like telephone line or clock. Well have fun playing in this map Smile.
P.S. If you found any bugs in this map, please report them in this theard. Maybe I will be able to fix them. Smile:

Dont blame me if you ddidnt like this map. I always try to do my best to make all my maps fun to play. I have added much work into this map so please dont be rude (if you dont like it, I understand, but you dont need to post some rude comments. Its realy hard to make something that everyone would like it.


  • Bright and nice lightmap witch makes map very nice.
  • Walking (feet) sounds added.
  • Sky added (taken from island map).
  • 20 DM spawns, 8 TDM spawns in both teams.
  • 1 ammo spawn in DM mode.
  • Map size on disc: 2.88 MB (2.936.544 bytes).


  • Me (pluke): for making this map.
  • Warren: for useful tips
  • Legion for making gunz maps making posible.

YouTube - Gunz custom map: BigBen (Final)


  • MegaUpload Mirror
  • MediaFire Mirror

UPATE 2010-11-08 (v2.02)
•Fixed spawn bug in TDM mode.


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