Problem| Problem on LightMap

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Problem| Problem on LightMap

Post  DJMiki on Mon Jul 30 2012, 22:30


I have a problem in LightMap it makes me half black and half wrong ..

I must know how to fix it .. If anyone knows how to arrange so thank you and I I need the help ..

Here you will see pictures:

Thank helpers like you! ♥


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Re: Problem| Problem on LightMap

Post  pluke001 on Sat Aug 04 2012, 00:35

Lol, people on ragezone did tell you what to do Smile

Anyways, you need propper setting for your FSRad.exe
You could try using my settings wich can be found in my gtk instalation guide
Try always to avoid complicated structures such as polygons, spheres (most of the time they cause lighting problems)

In your case I think those sphere balls fucked up your lightmap Smile
GTK ant handle such object for gunz maps
For adding complex structures you will need either using elu models or start mapping with 3dsmax (wich I dont know yet)

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