How can i test my maps?

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How can i test my maps?

Post  Darkest on Sat Jan 05 2013, 19:50

^ title says it all.
So can you tell me how to check custom maps, i have the GMD but i dont have the client, so can you help me with it.. thanks Wink


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Re: How can i test my maps?

Post  pluke001 on Mon Jan 07 2013, 12:33

I dont know if you are familiar with debug client but here is link to download it:

How to use Debug Mode:

1. Put folder somewhere like C:\Program Files\MAIET\Gunz0

2. Create a shortcut on your Desktop.

3. Go to the shortcut's Properties, and in the "Target" box put:

"C:\Program Files\MAIET\Gunz0\GunZcool.exe" /game "MAP NAME HERE" debug "00"

Leave in quotations and everything. Change the path if you need to, it needs
to be targetting GunZcool.exe.

4. Change "MAP NAME HERE" to whatever map you want. Maps need to be in your
Maps folder, just like any other GunZ. If you want Town, change the path to:

"C:\Program Files\MAIET\Gunz0\GunZcool.exe" /game "Town" debug "00"

Leave quotations in.

5. Change shortcut's name to something like "GunZDebug" so you don't forget.

6. Double click shortcut, and a game will start in whatever map you put in
step 4!


You might need to change the "Start in" box in the shortcut's properties to
wherever GunZcool is, not sure. If you do, put quotations around it. eg:

"C:\Program Files\MAIET\Gunz0"


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