PART 2: Basic Map Building!

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PART 2: Basic Map Building!

Post  pluke001 on Mon Nov 15 2010, 18:57

I Will be updating this slowly because of lack of time -.-

Some useful commands/keys that will be needed for building a map:

F1 - Brings up the help menu
Insert/Delete - Zooms in/out of a window
Esc - Deselects any selected brushes/entities
Shift + Left mouse button - This selects or deselects the brush/entity you click on
Shift + ctrl + Left mouse button - This selects/deselects the faces of brush (as many as you may need to select)
Numpad keys - Changes the grid size
ctrl + C - Copy the selected entity/brush
ctrl + V - Paste the previously copied entity/brush
T - Brings up the texture-picker (you need this when you want to change texturing of map walls).
D / C -Move the camera vertically.
S - Opens up Surface inspector window (it lets you to move, rescale textures on your map walls).
M - Information about your map (brushes, faces, entries, lights, globals, spawns).
K - Color chose for your selected light source (works only when you actualy select light source).
O - Console (It shows all information about map building process. Is helpful when you cant compile map for some reason).
I - Select all (selects everything you placed in your map: brushes, entries, spawns).
R - Rotation mode (changes your building mode to rotation so you can selected brush rotate as you like).
E - Select Edges
W - It changes building to mode were you can only move or rescale brushes.
F -Select faces (easier way to select multiple faces).
X - Clipper mode.
J - Turn on/off dimensions of your brushes (realy helpful sometimes).

Moving camera:
To move camera, you siply right click on camera window once and start moving it with mouse and wheel.
To zoom out/in drawing windows, use mouse wheel. To move thses windows, right click+hold mouse button and drag.

Firs we will build simple floor. In XY window click and hold left mouse button at the -256,256 mark (top left of the window) and drag down to 256,-256. This should create a large square as depicted in the following picture.

If you cant see your floor in camera viev, simply move your camera a bit up with D or with mouse (was told before how).

When you are done making your first floor, press Esc to deselect brush.

Adding player spawn point:
right click >> info >> info_player_deathmach

Make sure that your spawn point is placed above floor or else, ingame you will fall down and die instantly.
Now we have first floor and spawn on it, but floor compared to spawn size looks too small. We will stretch floor so that it would be bigger. Deselect spawn point with Esc and then select your floor brush abain with "shift+left click". Now click and hold left mouse button outsied of your brush frame and drag mouse. You will notice how brush size changes.

After you done resizing floor, deselect brush again.

More coming soon...

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